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Samantha Nielson

Great artists simply pour out of Duluth – perhaps even more heartily than craft beer. We invite the creatives of the twin Ports and beyond to join our crew. Celebrate the voice of local artists with unique apparel designs found exclusively at flagship.


About The Artist

My name is Samantha Nielsen and I’m passionate about all things watercolor and urban sketching! I went to school for art education and was a high school art teacher for 2 years. I’ve always had a drive to create but it wasn’t until a semester long sketchbook project that I discovered how much I enjoyed creating whimsical work with loose lines and splashes of color. I fell head over heels for the world of urban sketching, did a sketch every day for a year, and now I often travel with a sketchbook in hand. Most of my work is inspired by Minnesota or my love of travel. I grew up visiting family in Duluth and this place I’m so lucky to now call home has a hold on my heart. I find great joy in capturing the great outdoors, the personality of a sassy seagull, and the intriguing architecture within our area. My husband was born and raised in Denmark, so occasionally you’ll also see some of the colorful structures of Copenhagen pop up in my work. The proceeds from these designs are helping me take one step closer to becoming a full-time artist. Thank you for  supporting me!  





I’ve had a fascination with Lake Superior since I was little, and each piece was inspired by memories made near the water. When I was younger my family would often visit my aunt and uncle in Duluth. I was always amazed by the ships and the size of Lake Superior. Even though Duluth is now my home, that fascination has stayed with me.

Believe it or not, seagulls are my favorite animal. I know, they can be quite the nuisance, but I enjoy capturing their ridiculous personalities! I always picture them feeling like awkward misfits that just don’t understand personal space and need someone to teach them proper table manners.